Want to Help Your Teen Eat Healthy? Don’t Use the Word ‘Diet’

Oct 20, 2016

Getting adolescents to eat better and exercise can be a delicate dance. But there are simple steps parents can take to make wellness a family affair. Read more... Source: The University of Michigan Health Blog... [ learn more ]

Harnessing the Incredible Learning Potential of the Adolescent Brain

Jan 19, 2016

Because the brain is still developing during adolescence, it has incredible plasticity. It’s akin to the first five years of life, when a child’s brain is growing and developing new pathways all the time in response to experiences. Adult brains... [ learn more ]

Identity and Emotion Central to Motivating the Teen Brain

Dec 16, 2015

For years, common experience and studies have prescribed that humans learn best in their earliest years of life – when the brain is developing at its fastest. Recently, though, research has suggested that the period of optimal learning extends well... [ learn more ]

10 Facts Every Parent Should Know about Their Teen's Brain

Sep 02, 2015

They are dramatic, irrational and scream for seemingly no reason. And they have a deep need for both greater independence and tender loving care. There is a reason this description could be used for either teens or toddlers: After infancy, the... [ learn more ]

Adolescent physical development

Aug 24, 2015

Appearance becomes critical in adolescence, and for many, new development may be imagined worse than it really is. Adolescents are extremely self-conscious and sensitive to changes in their appearance. They worry about the changes they notice in their bodies, so it... [ learn more ]

Milestones of Adolescence

Aug 23, 2015

Adolescence is the developmental phase between childhood and adulthood characterized by rapid changes in physical, psychosocial, moral, and cognitive growth. There are 3 stages of adolescence: early (11-13 years), mid (14-16 years), and late (>17 years). Each of these stages... [ learn more ]