5 Ways to Banish Homework Battles

Sep 23, 2017

When it comes to completing homework, the daily task can prompt complaints, procrastination and even arguments from a child. The best way for parents to avoid this struggle: a proactive approach grounded in routine. Read more... Source: The University... [ learn more ]

Before Saying ‘Time Out,’ Praise Good Behavior with a ‘Time-In’

Feb 08, 2017

Yes, it’s important to call out children’s bad behavior. But it’s crucial to acknowledge their positive actions, too. Read more... Source: U of M Healthblog... [ learn more ]

A child psychologist argues punishment is a waste of time

Jan 19, 2017

The way to get rid of a child's negative behavior is not punishment. Read more...... [ learn more ]

Raising a Truthful Child

Jul 29, 2016

All kids sometimes lie to their parents. The most common reason is to avoid punishment for a deliberate or accidental misdeed. Another common motive is to obtain some reward or benefit not otherwise obtainable. There are also lies to protect... [ learn more ]

Five Reasons to Stop Saying "Good Job!"

May 10, 2016

Hang out at a playground, visit a school, or show up at a child’s birthday party, and there’s one phrase you can count on hearing repeatedly: "Good job!" Even tiny infants are praised for smacking their hands together ("Good clapping!").... [ learn more ]

Practicing Healthy Discipline

May 07, 2016

The emotional health of the whole family depends on understanding, respect, and good relationships among family members. To develop good relationships, parents need to instruct their children (from infancy) how to control their behaviors to assure family harmony. This system... [ learn more ]

Bullying is not OK!

Feb 16, 2016

Bullying is when one child picks on another child again and again. Usually children who are being bullied are either weaker or smaller, are shy, and generally feel helpless. Facts About BullyingBoth girls and boys can be bullies.Bullies target... [ learn more ]

To praise or not to praise?

Feb 14, 2016

Praise trains children to depend on constant feedback regarding what a “great job” they are doing. This dependency shatters rather than builds a child’s self-esteem.Praise trains children to inquire, “Do you like it?” “Did I do a good job?”... [ learn more ]

How to Raise Emotionally Strong Boys

Feb 13, 2016

How do we help our boys express their feelings and grow up to be unafraid of them? How do we help them understand that they can be masculine — and have feelings too? How do we help them survive the... [ learn more ]

How to raise kind children

Feb 12, 2016

Harvard researchers have mapped the five child-rearing techniques you need to raise kind kids Read more...... [ learn more ]

Raising a Powerful Girl

Feb 10, 2016

How do you raise a powerful girl and what does that mean? Read more... Source: PBS... [ learn more ]

Helping Toddlers Understand Their Emotions

Jan 17, 2016

A critical first step in helping your child learn to cope with her feelings is not to fear the feelings, but embrace them—all of them. Feelings aren’t right or wrong, they just are. Sadness and joy, anger and love, can... [ learn more ]

How to Respond to Toddler's Irrational Behavior

Nov 18, 2015

Amelia, told that she can’t have a fifth book before bedtime, shouts: “You are the meanest mommy! You are not invited to my birthday party!” Derek, when offered a choice between carrots and cheese, not ice cream, before dinner announces:... [ learn more ]

Why to Avoid TV Before Age 2

Nov 17, 2015

Parents are often shocked when they learn that pediatricians think it’s a bad idea for children to watch TV before age 2. Surveys tell us about 40% of infants are watching some sort of video by age 5 months, and... [ learn more ]

Understanding your Child's Temperament

Oct 01, 2015

Every child is born with his own individual way of approaching the world—a temperament. Generally, there are five characteristics that describe an individual’s temperament: Emotional intensity Activity level Frustration tolerance Reaction to new people Reaction to change Read more...... [ learn more ]

Children and Media: Tips for Parents

Sep 30, 2015

In a world where children are "growing up digital," it's important to help them learn healthy concepts of digital use and citizenship. Parents play an important role in teaching these skills. Here are a few tips from the American Academy... [ learn more ]

How to Raise a Caring Child

Sep 29, 2015

Children certainly learn about kindness from receiving it and from watching other people do it, but that’s often not enough. To help our children learn to be kind, we also need to address some of the barriers that get in... [ learn more ]

The Drug Talk: 7 New Tips for Today's Parents

Sep 01, 2015

Parents looking to talk to their children about drugs may recall the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Reinforcement Education) programs taught in schools. But after a generation of D.A.R.E. graduates, studies found that "just saying no" didn't stop enough teens from doing... [ learn more ]

Parents: Talk About Alcohol When Kids Are 9

Aug 31, 2015

Parents should start talking to their children about alcohol at age 9, says a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics aimed at preventing binge drinking in young people. Read more...... [ learn more ]

Water Safety: Tips for Parents of Young Children

Jun 23, 2015

Water is one of the most ominous hazards your child will encounter. Young children can drown in only a few inches of water, even if they've had swimming instruction. Swimming Lessons Are Not a Way to Prevent Drowning in Young Children. ... [ learn more ]

Is There An Unlocked Gun Where Your Child Plays?

Jun 22, 2015

About one-third of homes with kids have guns, many left unlocked or loaded. Just talking to your child about the dangers of firearms is not enough. Children are naturally curious. If a gun is accessible in someone's home, there is... [ learn more ]

What Babies Understand About Adult Sadness

Jun 16, 2015

Babies tend to wear their hearts on their tiny little sleeves. They cry because you took away that thing they picked up off the floor and then put in their mouths. They cry because they're tired. Sometimes, they cry just... [ learn more ]

12 Tips for Teaching Children Gratitude

May 10, 2015

Tired of bickering, jealousy, and selfishness? Kids are naturally materialistic and self-serving– but the good news is that gratitude can be taught. And from gratitude flows joy. Read more... By: Kathleen Berchelmann M.D., FAAP ... [ learn more ]

How to Make a Family Media Use Plan

May 09, 2015

From TV to smartphones to social media, our lives are dominated by 24/7 media exposure. Despite this, many children and teens have few rules around their media use. While media consumption by itself is not the leading cause of any health... [ learn more ]

How to Set Goals You Can Reach

Apr 17, 2015

Setting health goals is important, but how you set them is just as important!  Here are some hints to help you set your goals. 1. Goals should be realistic Any goal you set needs to be possible for you.  If you want... [ learn more ]