Behavioral Health Services

Pediatric Partners offers an in house psychotherapist & developmental specialist for our families. This service is a tremendous support for our families and provides a complement to our physicians’ care. The therapists specialize in age appropriate developmental evaluations, parenting concerns, behavioral and psychological issues, adolescent support, ADHD and other school related concerns. Individual and group sessions are offered. Please refer to the “Psychotherapy Appointment and Consent to Treatment” form for additional information. At this time we are unable to accept insurance assignment for these services.

[Psychotherapy Appointment and Consent to Treatment]


CHADIS Services 

Pediatric Partners is committed to providing your children with the best care available.  For all mental health/behavior visits we utilize the Child Health and Development Interactive System, also known as CHADIS.  CHADIS assists us in monitoring your child’s progress.  CHADIS uses questionnaires that are supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

In order for program to be successful, we need your help in completing these brief questionnaires, preferably at least 3 days before your visit.  We will retrieve the results of the questionnaires prior to your visit and address any concerns during the visit.  At Pediatric Partners we strive to maximize your children’s physical and emotional health, and we feel CHADIS is an excellent tool to help ensure your children thrive.  Not all insurances will reimburse for this service, however we feel it is an important part of the assessment for your child.  In the event your insurance does not cover the cost of this service a nominal fee will be charged to cover the expense of the assessment and evaluation.

Please Go To CHADIS via the link below.  Once you are at the CHADIS website please follow 4 easy steps to complete the specialized questionnaires about your child.

  1. Please click on the link to set up a new account.  Once in CHADIS, click on “New User”. 
  2. Fill in the information about yourself.  The invitation code you will need is 5617410000. (Don’t forget to make note of your username and password)
  3. Then you will enter information about each of your children.
  4. CHADIS will direct you to the correct surveys to complete, and will send you reminders by email.